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CISCO Soccer Club
4242 N. 19th Ave
Suite 125
Phoenix, AZ 85015


CISCO Competitive Program

CISCO SC Competitive Program

The CISCO Soccer Club competitive program is designed to provide our elite players with a superior training environment to give them the best platforms for success at the Club, ODP, Regional and National team levels and also for their future as Collegiate or Professional players.  The focus for our competitive teams is on player development so our players can reach their goals through the combination of our modern training methodologies, intense practice sessions and high caliber competition in match play. 

Our responsibility is to provide the Technical, Tactical, Athletic and Psychological instruction that will help our players to understand the game and play at their highest level of potential.  This will include in-depth training, continuous feedback and performance evaluation that improve the player's skills and knowledge of the game.   We have established an environment where teaching, learning, discipline, maturity, positive reinforcement and mutual respect help our young players grow and provide them with a strong foundation to ultimately self-actualize.

CISCO SC training schedules will vary according to the age group, season and upcoming events (i.e. Tournaments, State Cup, etc.). The times and days of your team's training sessions will be set by the Head Coach based upon these factors. Generally, team training sessions will incorporate individual technique, physical preparation and team tactics based upon the age group.

Players Code

As players representing CISCO Soccer Club, you will be expected to conduct yourself with an appropriate degree of professionalism, sportsmanship, courtesy, responsibility and maturity.  At practice and in match situations, your conduct is always on display, and you will be expected to live up to the high standards that will constitute the core values of the way we play and compete.  Win, lose or draw, there is nothing more important than maintaining a strong sense of integrity, dignity, honesty and fair play.  It is a privilege, not a right, to represent this club.


  • Play for the love of the game.
  • Come to every training session with a ball, shinguards, water, proper attire and footwear.
  • Come to practice prepared to improve your skills through dedication, industry and understanding of the hard, play with intelligence and have fun!
  • Have a positive mindset – your attitude determines your altitude!  Make the commitment to excellence!
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Respect the Game, the Coaches, Officials, Teammates & Opponents.
  • Always do your best! 

Individual Training Routines


Without regular training, soccer skills cannot be mastered. It is impossible to expect that players will fully develop their skills only during their prescribed training sessions. Therefore, it is critical that players set aside time at home to hone their individual technique and conditioning.  This should be done a minimum of three-four times per week for the elite level player.  We demand a tremendous time commitment from the CISCO coaches, and we expect our players to make the same commitment. We are cognizant that many of our players have other interests and demands on their time, but we believe it very important that you make every effort to have them attend each practice session and allot time at home to further master their skills. They will need those refined skills if their team is to be competitive and if they are to continue their individual development. Please make a concerted effort to arrange their schedules to allow time for individual soccer practice.


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