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CISCO Soccer Club
4242 N. 19th Ave
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CISCO Registration Info

As we develop and grow our club, we are making changes that will improve our overall ability to manage the club and provide better services to our players and their families. One such move is that we have chosen Got Soccer as our registration software. Many of you might have heard of Got Soccer. Most clubs in Arizona are using their tournament software. Got Soccer has many other modules, including player, team, club, and league management modules.

We are asking all parents to register their players this year utilizing the Got Soccer program. It has built in communication features that will allow us to maintain a better tool for keeping our parents up to date. It also will manage our club’s payment schedule. We are going to be able to accept Credit Cards or Checks through this system. It also allows us to customize different payment plans that should give you flexibility in making your yearly club fees.

The individual player management will also allow you to build a player profile that can be accessed by colleges and universities for players starting as young as 15 years old.

Fees have changed this year, unlike last year, this year, the club’s fees this year include coaching/trainer’s fees, player registration, and team registration with the different leagues. We will also pay for player passes, insurance, field fees, and our referee costs with the money paid to the club. Each team will still have its own costs for tournament entry fees, which will be paid to the individual teams.

You will note that there is a basic registration package and an advanced registration package.  Some teams have additional training sessions which place them under the advanced registration package.  If you make a mistake, when your registration is processed you will be advised accordingly.

We are asking all parents to go online and register their players through our system. It will allow you set up your payment plan for the year. If you would like to pay by credit or debit card – the system will accept that.


Instructions for Registering Players for the 2008/2009 Season:

Please click on the following link for registering your child for the 2009/2010 Competitive Program. (A new browser window should open, leaving this page open for reference).    CISCO Competitive Program Registration

The link will lead you to the “Got Soccer” registration page. For families with multiple players, please choose the “Create Family Account” button. This will save you from having to enter duplicate information for each child (Address, Phone numbers, Parents information).
Create a Family Account

Otherwise please choose to create a “Individual Players – New Player Account”.  After you create a Username and Password, please keep this information.

When you click “Create Player Account” it will more than likely show you a page explaining that the player listed is already in the data base. This is because all the teams have used this software for tournament registration and your Child’s name and birthdate have been entered. However, the information on each individual player is very limited (name & birthdate) and does not include your email address and other necessary information.

We would like you to continue with the new player registration which will capture all the necessary information we need. We will merge the old data with the new data after all parents have completed the registration process.

It is important to complete each form completely. All sections that have a RED “*” Star are required fields and you can’t continue until you have completed all required sections.

You will realize that this program is very powerful and has many sections that will eliminate extra work. For example there is a check box for our waiver and the “AYSA Code of Conduct” forms this will enable us to no longer have to complete the paper version.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Kemp at or (602) 980-0372.

We greatly appreciate your patience as move to the new system and hope that this improves your overall experience with the CISCO Soccer Club.
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